The company has founded in July 2015 and registered capital of 132.5 million yuan. The address is No. 503 Catalpa Road, Hefei Hi-tech Zone, covering an area of 30 mu. The company has a wholly-owned subsidiary: Hefei Fuxinyuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

RiChips enterprise technology management team has nearly 20 years of professional experience in semiconductor chip manufacturing. Supported by chip design and chip manufacturing technology, it builds a complete industrial chain from product development and design, chip manufacturing, chip testing, packaging and finished product testing to sales services.

Microelectronics focuses on semiconductor discrete device chip products, with an annual production base of 500,000 power devices and power integrated circuit chips, designs and constructs a 5 inch chip production line and a matching packaging production line. The project has advanced technology and broad market prospects, which conforms to the national policy of vigorously developing domestic high-tech semiconductor industry.

The main products we can provide are: thyristor (SCR), SIDAC, ESD integrated chip, high voltage rectifier diode chip, P61089 series chip, IC and other power protection devices and integrated circuits. At the same time, new chips and products such as MOSFET and IGBT are further developed. The main application areas of the products are various power supply systems, household appliances, lighting, communication equipment, smart home, smart wear, IT products, security, automobiles and network equipment systems.