Fire Safety Training Lecture on RiChips Microelectronics

2019-04-30 03:10:48 374

Fire Safety Training Lecture on RiChips Microelectronics

In order to enhance the legal concept of fire safety of company employees, enhance fire awareness, master necessary knowledge and skills of fire safety, and be familiar with the correct use of various firefighting equipment, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, and ensure personal and property safety. On the morning of March 29, our company invited Liu Jin Fire Teacher Guo to conduct training on fire safety knowledge for company employees in the conference room of public buildings.


Leaders of the company attach great importance to this training. Comrade Wan Kai, chairman of the company's trade union, attended the meeting and made a speech, emphasizing the importance of fire safety, conveying the company's people-oriented, safety first concept.

The training involves basic knowledge of firefighting, brief introduction of firefighting regulations, methods of self-rescue and escape from fire, safety matters needing attention in fire escape, etc. During this period, Professor Guo combined his own experience with practical cases to deeply convey fire safety awareness, explain fire safety knowledge vividly and interact with us, introduce the use of conventional firefighting facilities and demonstrate the correct use of fire extinguishers on the spot, so that we have a more intuitive understanding of fire knowledge.

This training has popularized fire safety knowledge very well and conveyed fire safety concept among the employees of the company. It is of great significance to improve fire safety awareness.

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